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"I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and been enthusiastic about great writing. I have been privileged to have turned my passions into a thriving career as a professional Writer. Read on to find out more!"  -Dana Golden

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Dana Golden Author
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About Dana Golden

I've been an entrepreneur most of my adult life trying my hand at many businesses.
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Along with that, writing has always been a passion for me. From notebooks filled with journaling to children's books, never published, but inspired by my young daughters, it’s something that's just a part of me. Every day, I’m thankful I’ve been lucky enough to make a career from doing "my own thing", and now, to have my first published book! These things bring light and happiness to my being.


Since publishing my first book I have been diligently working to get it out there in an effort to help more people. At the same time, I am also writing my second, a non-fiction work depicting my life with an addict.  

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Dana's Upcoming Book & More:

Dana is currently working on her next book. In the works for quite some time, she hopes to publish her memoir in mid-2021. This unique and compelling story will follow her path growing up, being groomed as the perfect codependent, while at the same time, her ex-husband, David Marion, is growing up afflicted with addiction. The book chronicles the two lives running parallel in years until their paths collide in a whirlwind courtship, leading to their marriage nine months later. Married for twelve years, they had two daughters, started a multi-million dollar brokerage firm, and lived a lavish lifestyle of travel and extravagance. But, as addict and codependent, it was only a matter of time till everything fell apart. The story will take the reader on a journey through the destruction of addiction, including divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and prison. 


In the meantime, she works with David Marion at The Life Recovery Coach, and spends time promoting their book, Addiction Rescue; The NO-BS Guide to Recovery, to help as many addicts and their families as possible to find recovery. She also works with her other businesses and spends as much time as possible with her two daughters. 

In their first self-help book, David Marion and Dana Golden address the subject of addiction, substance use disorder (SUD), and recovery. They take an in-depth look at recovering from all three areas of life that are affected by SUD; the body, the mind, and the spirit. This book is the perfect blend of David's story through multiple addictions and through the recovery of them, eye-opening facts, and advice for those struggling or loved one struggling with addiction. This book is written in an easy to follow, and in list format, to help anyone suffering from any type of obsessive behavior causing consequences in their life. Whether an addict or the loved one of an addict, Addiction Rescue is the one, all-inclusive book to get into and stay in recovery.

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 Companion Workbook

Addiction Rescue Workbook is a free download to work alongside the Addiction Rescue the No-BS Guide to Recovery. Chapter synopsis, questions, and writing exercises from the book, along with the space to answer them. Start your journey now!

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Theia Johnson
Alumni Relations Ambassador
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"David's wit, fascinating experience and hope, combined with the skilled writing technique and research of Dana, this book tackles every possible need to face and recover from addiction. Addiction Rescue is sure to improve the lives of all who read it! As a person in long-term recovery, I know I will use it myself and to help countless others on their recovery journey."

Albert Black 
Recovery in the Pines and Spartan Recovery
Founder / CEO

As a person committed to recovery, the co-owner of intense treatment programs, and having worked with thousands of individuals and family members, I believe it is critical to be honest with people about the stark nature of their disease since their lives are at stake. I appreciate the honesty that David Marion and Dana Golden share in their book, “Addiction Rescue: The NO-BS Guide to Recovery”. David shares openly about the destruction he caused in his life and the lives of his family members while he was active in his addiction. He then gets into the solution and the transformation. He provides practical, real steps that I know work. Addicts, alcoholics and families who want a way out from the trap of addiction would benefit from reading this book.

Karen vanBarneveld 

Executive Producer of “What the Food?” 
A Documentary

Addiction Rescue is a much needed, no BS guide for anyone dealing with their own or others addictions. David is bravely transparent in his personal story and expertly draws on sources for healing to share with those lost in the battle of their lives. As the mother and grandmother of several lost to addictions and some found, I hope to see David and Dana’s book in recovery centers all across the world, being used as an integral part of healing.

Doug Dolan
Recovery in the Pines and Spartan Recovery
Co-Owner / COO

After experiencing the loneliness, despair, hopelessness and anxiety associated with alcoholism, I was desperate to get help. I made the decision in 1997 to get honest with myself that I couldn’t get sober on my own. I needed the direction and care of others and a Higher Power. Since that time, I discovered my calling, getting into service for others like me and their families. I’ve worked with thousands of individuals, hearing stories of their failed attempts at getting sober and seeing what has worked. I appreciate David and Dana’s straightforward, honest approach in their book, “Addiction Rescue: The NO-BS Guide to Recovery.” The book is an easy read of real solutions that can help others who are desperate like I was.


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